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Gain Control v2
What Is the Issue?

Online Reviews are now part of the Business Landscape and frustration abounds for both customers and businesses alike. 94% of customers will refuse to purchase a product or service from the business because of negative reviews, likewise if a business doesn’t have any reviews, 92% of customers don’t immediately feel comfortable buying a product or service[1].

Online Reviews also present another issue to the Business: how should they plan to respond?  Today 52.2% of internet traffic is mobile so not having a plan to respond appropriately will leave your business behind and impact your bottom line[1].


We Solve It By…
So let’s talk about this..

Simply put, we gather data on the Customer Experience using strategies from our Toolbox and then analyze what changes are needed to ensure that the Customer Experience is the best in market.  At all times we work with the Business to ensure that the management team are fully involved with understanding what the data is showing and changes that are needed to move the business forward.