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So what do you think about Online Reviews ?
Online Reviews - Examples
Customer Comment

They have the best quality of flowers around. I am never disappointed. They also have an amazing selection of cheeses!

Customer Comment

Cashier’s are rude and impatient. It seemed to be an inconvenience to the staff when I needed help.

Customer Comment

Friendly and helpful employees. I like the women’s t-shirt for the price. Seemed better quality than other stores. They had an assortment of colors. I definitely will go back and get a few.

Customer Comment

If I could leave no stars I would. The “manager” at this store is unreal. Followed me around the whole time and was very rude. I have money I’m not there to steal stuff. Most uncomfortable experience will not be shopping here again!!

Customer Comment

Friendly staff and expansive coffee selection. Also lots of comfortable seating and interesting items for sale.

Customer Comment

i was trying a small sample cup of coffee and it slipped out of my hand, and was berate by a employee rather than helping me. three of the coffee where luck warm at best. i won’t be back until some people are gone.

What do you do with Reviews?
What is the cost of a Bad Review?
Slider Test
400/ Day
0/ Day800/ Day

So how much does a single BAD review cost your Business?

How does this SINGLE Review impact your customers?

So the Current Review Flow is..?
What issues do you see with the current flow?
  • Customers are left to their own devices to find your business
  • Business owners are reactive than proactive on reviews
  • No opportunity to ‘turn around‘ an unhappy customer
  • No utilizing the ‘free advertising‘ on Reviews
  • You cannot “direct” the customer to the review site that YOU want
  • No opportunity to impress your Potential Customer
What is the solution
Let's Demo the flow
Some Stats ...
  • Customers read reviews
    • Nearly 9 out of 10 customers read reviews before buying something
  • During the Pandemic
    • 31% of customer read more reviews
    • 22% of customers wrote more reviews in support of local businesses
    • 72% of the people who were asked to leave a review provided one
  • Reviews are ‘free advertising’ for your target market.. the Prospective Customers you do not know
  • Industry Leader Quotes
    • Elon Musk “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”
    • Bill Gates “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”
    • Harry Gordon Selfridge “Get the confidence of the public and you will have no difficulty in getting their patronage.”
Next Steps
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
  • Month by Month Contract
  • Up to 3 locations
  • Links to 1 Social Media Site
  • QR Code to ‘Smiley Page’
  • Custom Page to enable Good Review Flow
  • Custom Email on ‘Unhappy Experience’
  • Custom URL to share with Customers
  • 6 Month Contract
  • As per Plan A with the following extras:
    • Up to 10 locations
    • Links for up to 2 Social Media Sites
    • Capability to Text Customers
    • ss
  • Yearly Contract
  • As per Plan B with the following extras:
    • Up to 20 locations
    • Links for up to 3 Social Media Sites
    • ss
  • Yearly Contract
  • As per Plan C with the following extras:
    • Over 20 locations

Price on Application

We can get this going for you this week, we just need …..

  • Your preferred Online Review Sites (we recommend no more than 3)
  • Logos for the Business for us to ‘brand’ your page
  • An Email address+contact name for a ‘Bad Review’ Email
  • Name of the person responsible for responding to Reviews
  • We will provide you some artwork to print out the flyers/table tents/posters
  • Time to talk to your staff on what the system is and how this will help them!
  • And finally …
    … we can get this going next week to get you the Reviews that you deserve!